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real-life- is- tragic
You say the sweetest things
And I can't keep my heart from singing
Along to the sound of your song
My stupid feet keep moving

In this 4/4 beat
I'm in time with you
In this 4/4 beat
I would die for you
(Die for you)
Someone stop this
Es muy difícil ser fuerte con alguien que es tu debilidad.


(via mi-mundo-entre-libros)

How did nobody notice this yet?


So I was re-watching Coven last night and in the finale when Misty gets trapped in hell, the little boy yells “Freak! Your a freak!” when she heals the frog for the first time. It obviously didn’t catch anyone’s eye then because that was not what we were looking for but now that hint could not be any clearer!

wowowowow :O